Questions to Ask on Your Wedding Venue Site Tour

Wedding Venue Site Tour

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue During the Tour How many people does the space accommodate? The capacity of the venue directly correlates to your budget. If you love the space but it only fits 50 people, and your guest list is close to 300 you have to decide if the venue or your guest […]

Top 5 Questions To Ask a Potential Wedding Venue in Colorado


1. The number one question to ask a potential wedding is if they are available and what the rental fee cost. You don’t want to fall in love with the perfect venue only to find out it is $10,000 above your budget or that they aren’t available the day that you need them for.  What’s […]

Fall Wedding Trends We Love

Fall Wedding Trends

Color: Our number 1 fall wedding trend that we love are the colors that you can use in a fall inspired wedding. Wine and mustard colored dresses, flowers and even decor. Using the beautiful natural colors of fall to bring color and beauty to your fall wedding is a must.  Autumn-Altar An eye-catching floral archway […]

The Biggest Wedding Trends to Expect in 2023/2024

Biggest Wedding Trends

Dresses: Some of the biggest changes in wedding trends for 2023 and 2024 first starts with wedding dresses. Some of these brand new styles from Bridal Fashion week are designs and colors we have never seen before. Floral is in. Floral print on the dress and also 3-D floral patterns and designs. Bow details, bows […]

Top Trends for fall weddings in Colorado

Wedding Trends

Fall wedding in Western Colorado. So many colors to choose from. Will you be decorating in the colors of the changing leaves?  Gowns with Sleeves Wedding gowns and bridal gowns with sleeves are totally in fashion for fall and winter weddings. Beautiful lace or sheer fabric do not hide your body from view but add […]

A Guide to Eloping in Grand Junction, Colorado

Eloping in Grand Junction

When considering eloping, you might picture two individuals who are madly in love in Grand Junction, Colorado, heading to the courtroom on a whim to get married. Compared to a typical wedding, eloping does involve less preparation and funding. However, just because you’re thinking about eloping doesn’t mean that nothing should be planned, coordinated, or […]

Where to Elope in Grand Junction, Colorado

Where to Elope in Grand Junction

Location, location, location when looking for a place to elope in Grand Junction, Colorado finding the perfect spot first depends on your budget. Budget. Sit down with your fiance and discuss how much you can spend on this special day. You can also talk with your parents and your fiance’s parents to see if they […]

How to Elope in Grand Junction, Colorado

When thinking about eloping you may think of two people deeply in love randomly and sporadically heading to the courthouse here in Grand Junction, Colorado to tie the knot. Eloping does require less planning and money than a traditional wedding. However if you are considering eloping it doesn’t mean that no planning, coordination, or preparation […]